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Category Archives: Field First Aid – Mondays

Our Monday release focuses on First Aid in Hostile environments, such as war zones, and in areas where usual & familiar medical arrangements aren’t so prevalent.

Evacuation of a Casualty

A casualties health or survival may depend on moving them to more advanced medical aid. Choosing the best method (i.e. Helicopter over Horseback) is based on several factors: Severity of illness or injury Rescue and Medical skills of the team Physical and Psychological condition of the entire team – not just the casualty Available equipment… Continue Reading

Be Prepared!

A motto used by the Scouts, Baden Powell taught his followers to ‘Be Prepared!’. Likewise, when it comes to working in environments where immediate care may be delayed, or unavailable, you must be prepared for every eventuality. In the basic level, a first aid kit, containing plasters, bandages, and sterile wipes may be all that’s… Continue Reading