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First Aid Daily: 4.4 DR.ABC – Breathing

Here’s a critically important part of our Primary Survey, ‘B’, breathing. Breathing is something I haven’t had much luck with recently after a bad case of tonsillitis. However in ‘DR.ABC’, it is a vitally important step to get correct. In essence, all we have to do is check if the casualty is breathing normally.  We… Continue Reading

First Aid Daily: 4.3 DR.ABC- Airway

One dose of food poisoning and a chest infection later but I’ve recovered. we’re over halfway now in our ‘DR.ABC’ breakdown, today we have an easy one. ‘A’, Airways. We as human beings need oxygen to breath, and this is taken in through our mouth and nose along several passages into our lungs. If we… Continue Reading

First Aid Daily: 4.2 ‘DR.ABC’- Sending for help.

Day three of our ‘DR.ABC’ breakdown, and rather weirdly we’re covering ‘.’ . Yes, that is a full stop. Simply put there are two acronyms commonly used, both with the same breakdown. ‘DR.ABC’ and ‘DRSABC’. So what is this segment? Shout/send for help. We need to remember that the primary survey isn’t used that often… Continue Reading

First Aid Daily: 4.1-‘DR.ABC’- Assessing Response

So it’s now day two of our ‘DR.ABC’ breakdown and we’re doing ‘R’. Response. All too commonly when teaching students who have little previous experience in first aid, ‘response’ is typically one of the harder points to remember within the acronym. Within the primary survey, it is important to remember that ‘response’ refers to the… Continue Reading

New frontiers…

As you may be aware, Centric, and its staff have continued to support training and medical efforts overseas. Ukraine being the theatre of choice. Directly working with the frontline services, Centrics ex military staff have been directly involved with life saving action, and we are pleased to note, that casualties have survived because of our… Continue Reading

Why we’ve been quiet… and where we’ve been…

Oh, you thought we dropped off the face of the earth? Almost! Several months ago, a major training commitment came to Centric, which saw us deploying the majority of our assets overseas. We’ve always trained abroad – it’s nothing new, but, this full time commitment has seen our teams having to travel quite a bit.… Continue Reading