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First Aid in hostile environments

First Aid in hostile environments

Specialising in delivering training to NGO’s and Government defence and security forces, Centric is a proven partner for delivering injury management training for those working in hostile environments.

Often contracted to deliver training as a module to concurrent training packages, Centric prides itself in working alongside multiple organisations.

All training staff are former British Crown service-people, with hands on medical field experience, able to teach in a variety of environments.

Recent work undertaken in Ukraine has proved most successful, facilitating a full time training commitment in theatre.

Key Facts

Ofqual Regulated?:Certain elements of training can earn an accredited certificate
Available globally?:Training is available all over the world
Multi Language?:With the use of translators, training can delivered to all audiences

Course Overview

This course covers theatre specific topics. It’s core course is identical to a First Aid at work course, with the addition of specific modules in more detail, such as advanced airway management, torniquets, major bleeding etc.

This course involves very heavy scenario driven practical work in a training environment, and is run in conjunction with the employing organisation. Each course is tailored to the theatre demands.

This course is designed around delivering the learning outcomes in a manner suited for the work environment. Our bespoke course has received continual high quality scores, and is delivered by professional adult educators.

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