Be Prepared!

A motto used by the Scouts, Baden Powell taught his followers to ‘Be Prepared!’.

Likewise, when it comes to working in environments where immediate care may be delayed, or unavailable, you must be prepared for every eventuality.

In the basic level, a first aid kit, containing plasters, bandages, and sterile wipes may be all that’s needed – ensuring you have a mobile phone to raise assistance if needed.

In the more advanced level, then a first aid kit, containing medication, fluids, and surgical instruments may be more appropriate – ensuring you have a radio and satellite phone to raise assistance if needed.

Having the appropriate training is pretty important – it’s pretty pointless having all the gear, but no idea!

All resources taken with you, wherever you’re going, should be tried and tested before hand. Even non emergency items should be trialed. This could involve practicing putting the tent up, and packing it away in your garden before climbing a mountain. Ensuring you have all the relevant information about the location your going to, and setting aside plans for every facet of your time away, including what to do if something goes wrong.

Preparation can take days, or even weeks, but, when we are fully prepared for whatever we’re doing, and for whatever may happen, we are more likely to come out the other end in one piece.

Every Monday we will be learning about different aspects of First Aid in the Field, including taking a look at real kit used for all kinds of environment. Join us!