Bespoke Training Solutions

Bespoke Training Solutions

Centric has been called upon to design and develop specialist courses for industries to which no alternative training can be sourced (or cannot be deployed to sites in the reliable fashion that Centric is famed for)

Designing a course around a clients needs involves considerable research and development, and testing. First and foremost, a manager is assigned to become an expert in the topic to be taught. They then develop the course around their knowledge, and test the material against our internal teams. The objective is that the learning outcome is passed successfully. This is verified through testing.

Our internal teams then individually review all material, and content delivery, producing a holistic modal when combined in an after course briefing. This collation of data is then formed into a trial course, which is delivered again to a different internal team, who do the same, and thus, a final product is formed. All courses are constantly evolving, and the trainers delivering the media will review content together after delivery.

The result is a bespoke course tailored to an individual client.

Several options exist, including producing the course, so it can be delivered by the employing entities staff, or, producing and delivering the course through a structured program by Centric staff.

Example courses that have been designed for clients (although non exhaustive) include:

  • Emergency escape training for high platforms, with slide and abseil technology
  • Lockdown survival procedures
  • Post attack resilience actions
  • Rodent outbreak control
  • Emergency continuity business planning
  • Maintenance and Operation of formerly redundant equipment
  • Post corporate mutiny survival