Event First Aid

Event First Aid

Ensuring your event is covered with adequate provisions for first aid is vital for the safety of those attending. No matter the size of your event, you can be assured of coverage that exceeds not only expectations, but, the legal requirements for events.

Centrics first aid provision section is capable of providing one to several crews to manage your event. For the largest of events, through network coordination, over 53 crews can be called upon to support festivals and large public gatherings nationally.

With Centric at the core, the management and planning of your event is bespoke to the individual needs found.

Dependant on requirements (through assessment) supplied staff range from 'First Aiders' through to Doctors. In line with Centric's events management policy, a minimum standard (for low risk, small events) exists whereby one crew will be supplied with one Ambulance Technician and one first aider (minimum), regardless of how small the event. As the possible risk increases at the assessment stage, staff with higher qualifications will be supplied to the point where crews will consist of state registered paramedics, partnered with technicians. Additional staff will be first aiders, and echelon staff will be nurses and doctors.

For most small events, the attendance of one crew may be sufficient. Depending on the event, it may be appropriate to showcase Centrics presence, with our interactive ambulance education facility, (This clips into one of our front line ambulances to explain what can be found onboard an ambulance, and the work of the ambulance service) and information / education desks with resources that can be taken away by visitors, first aid can be represented without any strain on the ambulance service. This is particularly attractive for events where the Police and Fire service may be present, but due to real world commitments, the Ambulance service are unable to attend.

For larger events, where multiple crews are made available, Centric mus be involved at the planning stage, producing (or enhancing) your risk assessment in relation to first aid cover. A command and incident centre is available, and rear echelon established to hold and maintain crews in case of a serious incident.

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