First Aid after a workplace evacuation

Many workplaces have plans of action in the event of fire. A fire alarm is installed, and exit routes marked.

Some workplaces may even have evacuation plan in place for incidents on site, such as process failures, electrical failures, bomb threats, explosions and other acts of terrorism.

Staff often rehearse actions, and attend muster points, if customers are on site, guiding their clients as they evacuate.

One critical element that is often forgotten is preparing for dealing with the injured whilst outside the building.

Perhaps on site a first aid room is maintained, there are first aid kits available, and fire extinguishers etc, but, outside the building – what would you do if you had an injured party?

It’s important to consider having a ‘Grab Bag’, containing critical first aid items – sufficient to treat multiple casualties. Ask the question “How many people are on site at any one time… what would happen if they were all injured or affected?”.

Having protection from the external elements is important. Space blankets, wool blankets, disposable rain coats, all in an evacuation pack are a good idea. Warm food and drink provisions (Hot cans for example) might be a good idea for very large and isolated sites, perhaps even air shelters and tents. Marshall’s and appointed persons with Hi Viz, and a emergency coordinator champion are all good ideas.

At the very least, next time you evacuate the premises, take the First Aid kit with you!