First aid compliance and distribution centres

Centric is the trusted training provider for many large corporations, delivering training on site, when, and where it’s needed.

The largest brands trust Centric to deliver high quality First Aid Training, to meet compliance needs, and safeguard their staff.

But why do some of the biggest companies in the world choose Centric? What is it that attracts them?

For some, they would say it’s the way Centric seamlessly fits in to their organisation, working around their needs, anywhere in the world – it’s like having a specialist department on call, 24/7, able to deliver training, even at short notice.

For others, it’s the quality of the courses – the feedback received is exceptionally good, often students reflect that the training has been “The best course ever”. They are enjoyable, as well as informative – very much to the point, without deviation. The course material is relevant, and real, the trainers are field specialists, working directly in the environments to which they teach.

Some might say it’s the speed in which accredited certification occurs, or the fact that all courses are accredited,

Whatever their reasons, Centric is very good at what it does, and all staff take their roles very seriously, from administrators through to trainers, and account managers.

After award of contract, Centric holds a site evaluation, to get to know their client, then they personalise their course materials to that client, making the training more personal, and relevant to the students. Trainers become familiar with the site terminology, which might be specific to the client – such as MHE, RDC, OMSTEN, REJAR, COSIT and BACKLOAD. It’s like having a team member on site, fully aware of the processes of the company, able to communicate on the same level as the students, but also a topic expert, tasked with delivering life saving training.

As the client relationship flourishes, Centric entirely manages the back end First Aid Training compliance of the organisation, adding qualified candidates to their CRM – particularly useful to multi sites – monthly a distribution list is sent out, not only to the site, but also to the head office, so they can monitor performance, and project future training needs.

Centric is able to complete safety audits of items such as defibrillators, and first aid kits – even being able to replace such items as and when is needed through their supply chain, all done, whilst on site, and whilst delivering training.

Centric is indeed, the trusted provider for many large companies, and there are many reasons why they are chosen.

You can also benefit from their services, simply by sending a no obligation enquiry, You won’t get a sales call, or a call centre handling you needs – one of our Directors will call you direct at your convenience. Nothing is more important to Centric, than the safety of you staff.