First Aid Daily: 4.5 DR.ABC – Call-Check-CPR

Let’s concluded our DR.ABC breakdown with the longest section.  As we discussed previously, the breathing status of our casualty determines our actions in this stage of the primary survey. ‘C’ stands for “Call-Check-CPR”

If the casualty is breathing, we must place them in the recovery position, which we shall cover in the coming weeks. We do this to maintain the casualty’s airways and keep them in a stable position. If this has not been done already, the emergency services must be called. Continue to monitor the breathing of the casualty until help arrives.

Should we assess that the casualty is not breathing, we must administer CPR. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and it is critical in ensuring circulation of oxygen until the heart can resume normal operation.  Correct administration of CPR shall be covered in the following weeks, and it is an essential skill for everyone to know. During this time, it is also essential anyone else nearby who can assist should locate and retrieve the nearest public access defibrillator. Delivering CPR early and correctly to a non-breathing casualty exponentially increases their chances of survival. 

-Elliot James