First Aid Politics

Our Friday posts are called “Ramblings”. They are an opportunity for our staff to ramble on about something they are passionate about. All posts are individual to the trainer and may not reflect the beliefs of the company.

“Oh Politics! I hate it! I am of the firm belief that if you want to remain friends with someone, you should never talk about politics, religion, or get in the way of love.

First Aid however is filled with opinion and misplaced ‘experts’. Strange for a topic where so much guidance and legislation is present!

Simply, when it comes to treating people – there’s a right way, and a wrong way. It’s pretty black and white. The book is published, and you stick to it! (This sadly is hardly ever the case I’ve found with many other companies though).

Where the politics creep in, is where different offerings are made. For example, on which defibrillator is best, which AED cabinet is the best, what First Aid kit manufacturer is the best and so on.

Specifically, and dangerously, are the pathways made by providers (re-sellers) of AE defibrillators.

We firmly believe one should aim for the highest quality, and the best solutions in life, and often come across people who offer the same lip service, but, on scrutiny, deliver the exact opposite. And it’s rife!

Challenge it, and you have a bun fight – and this is where the politics gets dirty!

Simply, our policy is to only supply AED’s that are appropriate for use on Adults and Children. We cringe when AED’s are supplied with only adult capabilities, and feel sick when told by sellers “The Ambulance Service will say to just use the adult electrodes on the child”. Simply, not good enough.

Our policy is to only supply AED’s that are rugged and robust.

Our policy is to only supply AED’s that can be used outside, and inside.

Our policy is to only supply AED’s that provide the clearest explanation to the rescuer.

Our policy is to only supply AED’s that are monitored for the life of the device (we call that 10 years). This way, there should never be a time when the electrodes have expired, or the battery is flat.

Our policy is to only supply AED’s with correct and proper training for select rescuers (guardians) of the device. We cringe when told: a)People work better without training, or are more likely to use the device if they aren’t trained. b)these devices are designed to be used without any training whatsoever.

Whereas, it’s true, AED’s can be used without training, it is more than clear from our experience that with training, the device is used far more effectively than without.

The case examples that have formed some peoples opinions are possibly due to very poor training. This is something we see, and have to rectify a lot.

It’s difficult to not be drawn into debates about subjects you feel passionate about, so another policy of ours is to just walk away from the verbal onslaught of those who think they know best. The arguments / debates, and ego trips cost peoples lives, especially when it comes to Public Access Defibrillation.

Recently, we lost a sale of AED’s to a client because he wanted a particular brand of AED which we would never ever supply. It is not a good device, it is not that reliable, it is not suitable for use on children, it is not suitable to be used outside, but, was recommended by the Ambulance service because it’s cheap. When it comes to saving a life second best means death.