Supporting the saving of life

Centric is proud to be supporting life saving causes throughout the EU, and increasingly also in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is now in it’s Third year, with an ever increasing death toll. War is not choosy over it’s victims, be they soldier, or civilian. Although the exact figure is unknown, reports vary from 7000 – 30000. We believe it is more likely to be at the upper end.

Our support is meager compared to many organisations already delivering aid, however, our teams were busy today packing resources, ready for shipping.






Items included for delivery are:
Resuscitation Face Masks X 30
Medical Scissors X 100
Cleansing Wipes X 300

Ceterimide X 30
Parafin Gauze X 30
Burns Bags X 100
Zinc Oxide tape X 100
Adhesive woven bandage X 100

As well as other small consumables for training overseas.

We are actively re-appropriating resources to be sent to Ukraine, with approximately 20 defibrillators being sourced, as well as many more boxes such as the one packed today.


Our efforts are to save life – no matter which side of the conflict they support.

To be signposted to an organisation that will receive donations, please contact us directly.