Why we teach.

Here at Centric, we strive to deliver the best quality of teaching as possible, we are after all a business. However, a business cannot survive unless its employees are passionate about the line of service it provides. Here at Centric, we may come from many different backgrounds, such as the Armed Forces, Public Sector, Professional medicine, or like me, the Norwegian Red Cross, but we are all united behind the belief that what we teach is truly important.  

As you are reading this, think about who else may be in the building with you right now, or who you are nearby to if you are in public. Are they your friends? Colleagues? Or relatives? If not, they may be a complete stranger, however, that person will still have a family, friends, and people who significantly care for them. If any of these people were to be severely injured or pass away, it is not only themselves that are affected, but every other single person in their life.

With even the lowest level accredited First Aid qualification in the United Kingdom, you will have the knowledge and the ability to potentially save the life of another human being. I first learned First Aid because I understood how by holding the skills and knowledge I could, and have, dramatically improved situations that could have been far worse.

Although, luckily, I have never been in the situation where resuscitation is required. Multiple staff here at Centric have, some more than once. Following every successful attempt, we are assured that the knowledge we hold and training we provide really can make a difference in the lives and wellbeing of others. It is this understanding that drives us here at Centric to be the First Choice for all your First Aid training requirements.

-Elliot James