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HSE Compliant, OFQUAL Accredited First Aid Courses

Overseas Training

Centrics overseas staff are seasoned travellers. Maintaining a specialist training team that deploys around the globe to deliver training, Centric has become well known by large corporations for its ability to deliver courses anywhere, anytime, to anyone, giving one consistently high standard.

Throughout most of Europe, Centrics teams deploy with standard equipment you would expect to find on any of our courses (On average this is twice, or even three times the amount of equipment used by in country competition, even on their own premises). This thinking of no compromises is just one of the reasons Centric is successful. Where travel is only possible by flight, a air mobile training kit, specially designed by Centric, is used. Everything fitting into one bag, and cut down to size. This makes a Centric trainer capable of delivering a course absolutely anywhere, even if there is no electricity available on site.

With training coworkers based overseas, companies who employ English speaking staff, benefit from a reduced out time for staff, allowing them to be trained on their site, without the need for repatriation.

All courses are delivered in English, and all courses are accredited to the high standards required in the UK. In country compliance is met by exceeding local legislation, to which our trainers are familiar.

Each country has its own legislation regarding First Aid. That's why each course is taught with legislative differences which cover both the UK regulations, and those found in the country of operation.

By teaching both legislative topics, and highlighting the differences, staff are ready as First Aiders back in the UK, and of course, in the country to which they are employed.

What about our organisations specific needs?


A needs assessment is drawn, and we teach the topics, worded, and presented, to your individual needs. For larger corporations, where training is concurrently ongoing, specific, tailored teaching modules are produced including your company branding, and individual policies.

Far from just teaching in the classroom, some of Centrics clients require courses to be delivered in the field. This presents a particular challenge, as the resources found in classrooms are not available. Again, Centric delivers without compromise, reverting to field lessons, and the learning outcome is second to none.

Where has Centric trained previously?

Centric continues to train in Luxembourg, Poland and Ukraine. The European training team is wholly mobile, and can naturally teach in all countries within Europe. Ongoing demand is also in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Kosovo, and the Czech Republic.

Centric additionally has trained onboard merchant vessels whilst in port, and at sea, and on platforms.

Working to Save Lives

Training regularly occurs in Ukraine, a country to which Centric is sympathetic. Our courses are based on the background knowledge and trainers experience as combat veterans.

Centric is proud to deliver training as part of uniformed organisations, complimenting existing infrastructures.

Training occurs in a field environment, all the way through to classroom, and hospital based learning, bringing existing staff and personnel up to European 2016 standards (the most current).

As with EU training, qualifications can be accredited (for English speaking candidates), and through the use of translators.

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